Olavs omvendelse

Katolsk Akademi og St. Olav menighet inviterer til feiring av Olav den Helliges omvendelse og dåp torsdag 23. oktober.

Foredrag ved biskop Bernt Eidsvig og arkeolog Øystein Ekroll.

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Elzbieta Schjetne

E-post Elzbieta(dot)Schjetne(at)katolsk(dot)no

SCHJETNE, Elzbieta, født 22. oktober 1947 i Wroclaw, Polen. Flyttet til Norge i 1970.

Utdannet som psykoterapeut, gift, to barn. Driver privatpraksis innen terapi/egenutvikling/coaching.

1. desember 2004 – høsten 2005
Medarbeider ved Familiesenteret i Oslo katolske bispedømme (50% stilling)
Høsten 2005 – 21. oktober 2014
Familiepastoral medarbeider ved Pastoralavdelingen i Oslo katolske bispedømme (60% stilling)

Telefon kontor:  23 21 95 31 (Man-ons kl. 10-15)

Deltatt med innlegg ved en mengde konferanser, blant annet:

Psykodramakonferansen 2000: Tiden som psykodramatisk dimensjon
Psykodrama kjennetegnes ved parallelle prosesser mellom realisme og det absurde. Dette gir muligheter for å møte individet både i den sosiale virkelighet og på fantasiplanet. Tanken krysser fritt i fortid og fremtid. Nåtiden lar seg aldri holde fast. Vår oppgave som psykodramatikere er å finne inn til friheten hos individet og avdekke muligheter og begrensninger. Tiden er mediet for våre forestillinger og forventninger. I en psykodrama kan vi se hele vårt liv, der tiden og dramaet kan fokusere på det som er viktigst i øyeblikket.
Internasjonal kongress for psykodrama-institutter i Europa (PIFE) 2005: Invisible partners in marriage
The subject of this workshop is the marriage relationship, which can be improved by means of psychodrama. The assumption is that getting to know each other well even before any conflict arises is a preventive measure. We still see how the images we have of each other can be modified, thus enabling us to answer in a better way the questions: "Who am I?" and "Who are you?" This is like role training for the future which may have a positive effect on our attitude towards the partner and prevent serious marriages crises.
Internasjonal kongress for psykodrama-institutter i Europa (PIFE) 2007: Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not the sitter
Psychodramatic synergy, with the goal drawing two or more players (protagonist and his gallery of personalities) together into the process of looking at, recognizing and perhaps even solving an immediate problem - that is what will happen in this workshop. The Looker may be idolizing or rejecting the person vis a vis, and often plays a game of hide and seek, instead of searching and honestly penetrating the face of the Other. To see through and mutually recognize more of the true self and of the other is dependent on how receptive we are. How can we avoid a well acted deception behind the illusion we present and of which we make ourselves guilty, or avoid being seduced by the other acting in the same way? Too often it is our fear of the other, or of oneself, that produces masks we too willingly wear. It is well arranged and adapted, and we call it The Face. Illusion implies to deceive, when something is illusory it may disappoint us. The same may happen when we describe something as illusive and may mean false as an impression or a value. We may feel betrayed by it, once we discover what hides behind it. It can be empty too. Politicians may often be illusionists as we see them. But to illuminate means to enlighten, mentally or spiritually, to put into focus, and illumination may even awake enthusiasm for life when we are exposed to it. Psychodrama is the stage where this actually repeatedly occurs, over and over again. In glimpse of time we really see who and what is there.