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I en video til katolikkene i Norge forteller biskop Bernt Eidsvig om sin rolle i en raskt voksende kirke, og hvordan og hvorfor han utfører sine oppgaver.


Apostolisk brev fra pave Frans til alle ordensfolk i anledning av det gudviede livs år.

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Henrik von Achen

Foto: Solheim 12. desember 2012E-post Henrik(dot)Achen(at)katolsk(dot)no

von ACHEN, Henrik Louis: Danish, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 22.12.1954 and baptized 30.12.1954 in the Roman Catholic St. Joseph's chapel. Married to Stephanie Elisabeth Irgens (1959) in Bergen, Norway, on the 8th August 1980. Four children: Maria (1982), Ida (1984), Johannes (1987) and Benedikte (1991).

The Catholic church

1990 – 1996
Pastoral and liturgical assistant in St. Paul parish, Bergen
Ordained deacon by most rev. bishop dr. Gerhard Schwenzer SSCC, incardinated in the diocese of Oslo
1996 – 2002
Member of the executive committee of ecumenical co-operation between Christians in Bergen, "Felleskirkelig Samarbeidsråd i Bergen"
1998 – 2000
Member of the ecumenical regional board of Western Norway preparing the ecumenical celebrations of the year 2000 in the Norwegian jurisdictions
2003 – 31.12.2013
Coordinator of Missio Norge, the Pontifical Mission Works
Member of the pastoral council of the diocese of Oslo
2010 – 2014 – 2018
Member of the Commission for the Permanent Diaconate in the diocese of Oslo
2012 – 2014
Member of the board of Caritas Norge

Formal education

Magister artium, Art History, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Doctor artium, Art History, University of Bergen, Norway

Academic career

1982 – 1984
City Archives of Bergen, research assistant
1985 – 1986
The Norwegian Council of Research in the Humanities (NAVF), doctoral student
Historisk museum at the University of Bergen, curator
1987 –
Bergen Museum (University museum in Bergen), senior curator
1994 – 1997
Head of the Department of Art History and Cultural Studies, University of Bergen
1999 –
Full professor in art history at Bergen Museum
2002 – 2005
Head of the Cultural History Collections, Bergen Museum
2009 – 2011
Chairman of the board of Bergen Museum
Acting director of the University museum in Bergen
2013 –
Director of the University museum in Bergen

Scholarly administrative positions

2000 – 2002
Member of the governing board of the Norwegian Research NFR-financed project “Continuity and confessionality Lutheran “praxis pietatis” and the church interior 1500 – 1800”
2003 –
Coordinator of European Network on the Instruments of Devotion (ENID)

Administrative commissions

1988 – 1991
Member of the cross faculty board of the programme “Research in Culture and the Mediation of Culture”
1988 – 1992
Member of the administrative and scholarly board of “Protection and mediation of Culture”, the University in Bergen
1989 – 1992
Member of the board of Medisinsk Historisk selskap, Bergen
1990 – 1992
Chairman of the Bergen & Hordaland branch of the Norwegian “National trust”
1992 – 1995
Member of the board of Bryggens Museum, Bergen
1995 – 1996
Chairman of the faculty commission of archives at UiB
1995 – 1997
Chairman of the national research programme “Museum Network” under the Norwegian Research Council
1995 – 1996
Leader of the research project “Fromme bilder i norske hjem” (Devotional images in Norwegian homes) under the Norwegian Research Council
1999 – 2000
Member of the national committee of the major Norwegian museums, discussing the practice and ethics of loans, deposits, collecting and administrating collections etc
Member of the interim board of Bergen Museum, University of Bergen
2002 – 2005
Member of the board of Bergen Museum, University of Bergen
Norwegian delegate to FIDEM, Fédération Internationale de la Médaille
Member of the board of Museum for music and visual art, Bergen
2007 – 2009
Member of the advisory committee on the external web site of The University of Bergen
2009 – 2011
Executive chairman of the board of Bergen Museum, University of Bergen
Acting director of the university museum, UiB, april-august
Member of the governing board of the IT-organisation of Norwegian university museums
Member of the museum commission under the Norwegian Council for Universities and Colleges
Chairman of the Estetical Commission of the University of Bergen
Member of the committee on Open Access publishing at UiB
Member of the university jubilee committee 2014, UiB
Member of the executive committee of FIDEM


The Meltzer prize 2004 (NOK 100.000,-) for scholarly dissemination

Exhibitions until 1998

  • «Architecture in Bergen 1908 – 1983», Kreditkassen in Bergen, 1983
  • «The Art of the Hansa, Representations of the Epoch 1400 – 1550», Bryggens Museum, Bergen, 1985
  • «The Old Bergen – the Hidden Bergen», Bergen Museum (BM), 1987
  • «Liv Benedicte Nielsen. Paintings and lithographs 1979 – 89» BM 1989
  • «Late Medieval Painting and Sculpture 1450 – 1525», BM 1989
  • «The Face of the Young Norway. K. Kølles Landscapes From the Post 1814 Decades», BM 1989
  • «Pictures of an Other Reality. Contemporary Icons», BM 1989
  • «Tom Waterreus, Sculptures from the 80s», BM 1990
  • «Russian Popular Prints», from the Soviet Academy of Science, BM 1990
  • «The Divine service in Pictorial Language» Bergen 1990
  • «Verena Appel – Colour Woodcuts 1988 – 91», BM 1992
  • «Tradition. Contemporary Religous Art», BM 1992
  • «Modern Church Art» Rogaland kunstmuseum, Stavanger, 1993
  • God and Everybody. Interior Decorating as Religious Instruction During the 17th Century», Bryggens Museum, Bergen, 1993
  • «Bergen, the pre modern city between 1650 and 1850», BM 1996
  • New Permanent exhibition of the Church Art Collection of Bergen Museum, 1100 – 1750, BM 1998


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