«Vatican Information Service» om utsettelsen av erkebiskop Hammars paveaudiens

Declaration by press office director Navarro-Valls

VATICAN CITY, OCT 6, 1998 (VIS) - Holy See Press Office Director Joaquin Navarro-Valls made the following declaration today to journalists relative to the scheduled visit of Swedish Lutheran Archbishop Hammar:

"Taking into account the events which took place recently in Stockholm and the ensuing public discussion, it was judged preferable to postpone Archbishop Hammar's visit to the Vatican.

"The new date will be agreed on by the two parties concerned."

This was in reference to Archbishop Hammar's recent statement in favor of blessing homosexual unions in church, as well as his approval for a photo exhibit entitled "Ecce Homo" in Uppsala's Lutheran cathedral, including works which offended Catholics, among others.

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