Den historiske sannhet om Pius XIIs arbeid

New Book by Sister Margaret Marchione

ROME, APR 16 ( In order to clarify Pius XII's role during the Nazi period, address the accusations of silence, and shed light on historic facts, Pantheon is publishing the Italian edition of Sister Margaret Marchione's latest book, "Pius XII: Architect of Peace."

The book looks directly at the Holocaust, and praises Pius XII's work in support of the persecuted. The author, who is internationally known for her numerous (more than 30) publications on historic figures (she already published a book on Pope Pacelli, which appeared in both English and Italian, entitled "Pius XII and the Jews"), maintains that this Pontiff was one of the most invaluable protectors of the Jews in countries dominated by National Socialism, whose atrocities he condemned.

In addition, Pius XII was the Church's spokesman in history. In an address given on June 13, 1943, he said: "Our speeches and messages will not be able to be crossed out or run down by anyone, neither in their intention nor essence. Everyone has been able to hear them as words of truth and peace... The Church is not afraid of the light of truth, neither of the past, the present, nor the future."

Among the different initiatives in which Pius XII engaged, the book refers to his effort to center his ministry in the 1939-46 POW's. At that time, the Vatican was the only refuge for thousands of persecuted, and its Information Office was the only means of communication between the prisoners and their families. From the pages of this book a universal, generous, constant and paternal Christian figure emerges, who is returned to his rightful place in history.

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