Abortionist Offers Baptismal Ceremonies for Aborted Babies

WICHITA, Kansas, Sep 3, 01 (CWNews.com/LSN.ca) - A mother who aborted her seven-and-a-half month old unborn child has testified that following the procedure she and her husband took part in a baptismal ceremony offered by the abortion clinic.

Women's Health Care Services, run by abortionist George Tiller, promotes a "remembrance ceremony" as an additional service to late-term abortion customers. With the dead, aborted baby the clinic offers "baptism of your baby, with or without a certificate," "certificate of premature miscarriage," and "footprints and handprints of your baby."

Referring to the aborted child, the clinic's advertising says, "We are grateful to allow her to pass from our lives without pain." Former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson says that this is untrue. According to Nathanson's research many late-term abortions cause pain to the unborn child.

Tiller's clinic has been the site of numerous pro-life protests over the years that attracted pro-lifers from across the country because of Tiller's notoriety for performing abortions at any stage of pregnancy.

CWN - Catholic World News
03. september 2001