Kazakh Catholics Say Gov´t Impeding Preparations For Papal Visit

ASTANA, Kazakhstan, Sep 7, 01 (CWNews.com) - Just two weeks before Pope John Paul's visit to Kazakhstan, Catholic Church leaders in that country have issued a complaint about the lack of government support for the papal visit.

In a September 7 press release, officials of the Diocese of Karaganda reported that they have been unable to obtain official permission from local authorities to post a billboard in the capital city advertising the Pope's visit. Similarly, the diocese reported, although 10,000 posters have been printed calling attention to the papal events, those posters have not yet been placed because local officials have not provided the necessary permission.

Despite the efforts by the diocese to publicize the historic papal visit, the Karaganda Church officials add, "there is very little information from the government's side." The statement concluded with a rhetorical question: "What is going on?"

CWN - Catholic World News
07. september 2001

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