Muslim Leader Tells Pope of His Support Against Terrorism

SOFIA, Bulgaria, MAY 26, 2002 ( The leader of Bulgaria's Muslim communities assured John Paul II of his support in condemning all acts of terrorism.

At the end of the meeting between the two leaders, which took place Saturday afternoon in the apostolic nunciature here, Grand Mufti Selim Myumyum Mehmed of Bulgaria agreed to answer journalists' questions.

«I have promised the Pope to support his efforts against terrorism, violence and wars,» the grand mufti said.

«We will work for peace and dialogue between religions,» he added, explaining that he will pray for the Pope's health because he is «a historic personality of whom the world is still in great need.»

Muslims constitute 10% of the Bulgarian population of 7.7 million inhabitants.

ZENIT - The World Seen from Rome
26. mai 2002

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