"Sede vacante"-frimerkene utstedes 12. april

The Philatelic and Numismatic Office of the Governorate of Vatican City announced today that on Tuesday, April 12 the series of stamps for the "sede vacante" or vacant see 2005 will be issued.

According to today's communique from the philatelic office, the series, composed of three stamps which have the same subject and bear the insignia of the Apostolic Camera, will be sold directly and exclusively by the post offices of Vatican City and the sales offices of the Office for Pilgrims and Tourists, located in St. Peter's Square, according to their respective opening hours to the public.

This series of vacant see stamps will be valid only and exclusively during the period of the vacant see.

The communique adds that "the philatelic office will inform users of its services, via bulletins and forms, how to acquire the stamps and their price. Subscribers will receive the series according to the quantity and established times for ordinary issuances."

SCV/VACANT SEE STAMPS/... VIS 050409 (190)

VIS - Vatican Information Service (9. april 2005)