Paven med kondolansebrev til Foley-familien

Vatikanets statssekretær har på vegne av pave Frans sendt et kondolansetelegram til familien til journalisten James Foley, som nylig ble henrettet av terrorgruppen ISIL.

Budskapet fra paven ble lest høyt under en minnemesse for Foley i familiens kirke i Rochester, New Hampshire, søndag.

Brevet lyder slik:

“The Holy Father, deeply saddened by the death of James Wright Foley, asks you kindly to convey his personal condolences and the assurance of his closeness in prayer to James’ loved ones.  He commends James to the loving mercy of God our Father, and joins all who mourn him in praying for an end to senseless violence and the dawn of reconciliation and peace among all the members of the human family.  Upon the Foley family, and upon his friends and colleagues, he invokes the consolation and strength borne of our hope in Christ’s Resurrection.”

James Foley (40) var en erfaren krigsreporter med fartstid fra blant annet Syria, Libya og Irak. Han ble kidnappet i Syria i november 2012.

Pope sends letter of condolence to family of journalist James Foley | Vatikanradioen