Nordiske biskoper i høstmøte: Irak, Syria og markering av året for det gudviede liv

Den nordiske bispekonferanse har i perioden 12.-16. september gjennomført sitt høstmøte, denne gang i Turku, Finland.

nullBiskopene har blant annet diskutert situasjonen i Irak og Syria sammen med representanter fra Caritas, og lagt de første planer for 2015 — året spesielt dedikert til preste- og ordensliv i Kirken.

Les pressemeldingen fra møtet under.

Appeal to the Governments of the Nordic countries
Representatives of the Caritas – the Catholic Relief - Organisations in the Nordic countries were present to advise the Bishops on some of the most pressing crises of our time as well as other questions of common interest. In an appeal to their Governments, the Bishops urgently ask that refugees from Iraq and Syria with a minority background are not to be returned to their countries, but to be granted permanent asylum.

In a meeting with the Chaldean archbishop of Teheran, Ramzi Guarmou, the Bishops were informed about the suffering of Catholic and Orthodox Christians in the Middle East, and were able to express their moral support and discuss what practical and material assistance they should give.

The Bishops agree with the Caritas representatives about the need of equality for women to combat poverty. In this context, the importance of education for girls is stressed. Also, the Bishops hope that women increasingly may be encouraged to, and given the opportunity to support themselves economically in accordance with the Church’s social teaching.

2015: Year of Consecrated Life
Pope Francis has decided that Catholics shall devote time, prayer and consideration to the life and vocation of priests and religious, and has proclaimed 2015 year of consecrated life. In our countries, there is a fair number of vocations to the priesthood and religious life whilst other national and regional churches suffer severely because of a shortage of vocations. A Pastoral Letter will be prepared by the Bishops and shared with the faithful.

In the Lutheran Cathedral of Turku, the Bishops met the Archbishop of the Church of Finland, Kari Mäkinen. The Archbishop was pleased to state the good relationship between Lutherans and Catholics in his country and, indeed, throughout the Nordic countries.

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