Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on Independent or Belgian Congo

The Apostolic Vicariate Independent or Belgian Congo (1888-1908-1919)

When this Apostolic Vicariate was erected on 11 May 1888, it was called by Rome (Latin:) apost. vic. Congo Independentis seu Belgici = Independent or Belgian Congo. (It appears from the Annuario Pontificio 2000, p. 377, that it had that name already as it was first established as a Mission, on 22 November 1886.)

This is noteworthy, as this country until 1908 was indeed an independent country, and internationally recognized as such (although with strong links to Belgium - king Leopold was king of both Belgium and Congo). It did not become a Belgian colony until 1908. From 1908, this jurisdiction was called Belgian Congo. In 1919, it changed name to Léopoldville.

(Information from Bob Hilkens, Charles N. Bransom jr. and James Derrick)

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