Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on the Diocese of Gardar

The last bishop of Gardar, Vincent Peterson Kampe died in 1530. Until that date, Gardar was de iure a residential see, but had for many years de facto been a titular see.

The first time this development is clearly attested in sources is in a letter of June 20th 1519 by Pope Leo X, found in Dipl.Nor., naming Vincent Peterson as bishop of Gardar. In this letter, it is said that he is named Bishop of Gardar "in titulum", which indicates that the Holy See may already have considered Gardar as a titular see. In the same letter, it is said that Gardar is vacant because of "the unfaithful".

Still, the Church probably had hopes for Gardar, since King Christian of Denmark was planning to mount a naval expedition to claim the territory for his country. This is mentioned in another letter of the same date, this too from Pope Leo X and found in Dipl.Norv., where it is said that Gardar has for 30 years been deprived of a bishop. In this letter, Bishop Vincent is not said to be a titular bishop. We have to conlude that the Church treated Gardar as a residential see until 1530, while in reality it functioned as a titular see.

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