Chronology of Erections of Catholic Dioceses and Other Territorial Jurisdictions

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The website is in the process of building up a chronology of the erections of Catholic dioceses, Archdioceses and other territorial jurisdictions. We go about it country by country, and we aim at describing the "lineage" of the jurisdictions, i.e., indicating from what diocese a new diocese was detached or established. As we move back in time, and especially as we study the countries of Europe and around the Mediterranean, the task will be far more difficult. In many cases, it will be impossible to establish the provenience of a new diocese, either because of the paucity of sources, or because in very many cases the diocesan Sees simply were not established from any other particular diocese.

There might be some of our users who possess source material, like Catholic Encyclopaedias in French, Spanish, or other languages, who may be able to assist us in our endeavour. If you discover errors, or think you are able to help us in any other way, please feel free to contact us per e-mail at

Below, there is first a geographical index, and at the bottom a special index for Catholic churches of Oriental rites.

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Catholic Churches of Oriental Rites

Alexandrinian Antiochian Armenian Byzantine
  • Byzantines of Krizevci
  • Georgian Church (historic)
Chaldean (Eastern Syrian) General
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