Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on the Apostolic Prefect of Batavia, 1807

When the Portuguese took possession of the island of Java, of which Batavia is the capital, they brought the Christian religion with them; but the Dutch, having conquered Java in 1596, set about the destruction of Catholicism. Nevertheless, the memory has been preserved of a Friar Minor who was expelled from Batavia in 1721, and attempted to continue his apostolic labours in China. It was with difficulty that a priest could enter Java, and, if recognized, he was hunted out. When in 1807 Louis Napoleon became King of Holland, Pius VII divided all the Dutch territory outside of Europe into three areas, two in the West Indies and the third, with Batavia for its seat, in the East Indies.

The appointment of a prefect apostolic in 1807 did not imply the establishment of an independent prefecture. The prefect was appointed for the Dutch Catholics in Batavia, Semarang, Surabaya, Padang, and for the Chinese in Bangka.

(Source: The Catholic Encyclopedia, and Huiskamp 1994, p. 125)

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