Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on the Armenian Catholic Diocese / Eparchy of Alep 1710 - 1835

The Annuario Pontificio 2000, p. 32 states "Vesc. Cattolici dal 1710" (Catholic bishops from 1710). The Gerarchia Cattolica 1911, p. 116 states the diocese was erected in 1835. A bishop is mentioned in Notizie 1855, p. 87, but no dates are given. Aleppo are listed in Notizie 1847, under neither of the four names used (including the ancient Beroea).

The diocese was elevated to a non-metropolitan archdiocese on February 3, 1899.

-Mr James A. Derrick (Based upon findings in Annuario Pontificio / Gerarchia Cattolica / Notizie)

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