Bishops call for dialogue on Kosovo

Albanian Bishops Call for Dialogue on Kosovo

VATICAN CITY, JUN 12, 1998 (VIS) - Made public today was an appeal by the Episcopal Conference of Albania, dated June 10, which asked "Catholics and all people of good will to pray the Lord to open the minds and hearts of those in whose hands rests the fate of our brothers" in Kosovo.

Following are excerpts from that appeal in which Albania's Catholic bishops express their "sadness and deep suffering" at the events taking place in Kosovo:

"We denounce every act of violence, wherever it comes from, against the weak, the innocent and the defenseless, as it only serves to amplify hate and evil."

"It is for this reason that our voice echoes that of the Holy Father ... 'Let us pray to the Lord that he might enlighten the parties involved so that they take the path of dialogue, which is longer but more constructive for all. ..."

"Once again, we ask that fundamental human rights be recognized and respected in accordance with international agreements."

"Recalling the traditional hospitality of the Albanian people, we invite you to welcome our brothers and sisters in difficulty, in a spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who identifies himself with every person."

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