Permission to use the flags

Most of the small .GIF flags in this directory were copied from the WWW side

Permission to use the flags was graciously granted by Christopher(dot)Vance(at)adfa(dot)oz(dot)au April 22, 1996:

Sak:         Re: Your collection of flags
Dato:        09:38 mandag 22. april 1996 +1000
Mats, hi.

|  My questions are: Would it be OK for you if I copied all of the .gif files in the /32h/ directory to my
|  WWW server? I fear that it would be impossible to link each flag to the location on your server on the
|  other side of the world.

You may have a copy.  Did you notice my documentation said a number
of flags were incomplete?  You might want to check the ones you want
to use.  I will want you to credit my work and put a reference to the
original area.

|  If so, is there a way where I can ftp all the gif files instead of using my WWW browser to pick the up
|  one by one?

Sorry, no.  Our anonymous FTP server cannot see the area where the
WWW stuff is stored.  If you have an FTP area you are willing for me
to write into, I could put them there for you.  Otherwise, you will
have to fetch them one at a time.

(An alternative: if you fetch the right pages, you'll find all the
/inline/ directory content in your WWW cache.  I'm not sure if this
size is okay for your needs, though.)

-- Christopher
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