VATICAN CITY, FEB 28, 1997 (VIS) - Following are excerpts from a Letter, dated February 11 and released this afternoon, written by Pope John Paul to Fr. Silvio Pignotti, superior general of the St. Paul Society:

"I have wished on numerous occasions to show the constant solicitude and special affection with which I follow the life and activity of this religious family."

"Today I repeat to this Institute the expression of my esteem for the work undertaken during so many years of generous apostolic commitment."

"Unfortunately a delicate situation has arisen recently within this very same religious family, disturbing communion and harmony, and more than a few perplexities have arisen regarding the content of various interventions published in the Pauline periodicals."

"Desirous of remedying this situation, after having reflected and prayed at length, I have reached the decision to appoint as my delegate to the St. Paul Society Bishop Antonio Buoncristiani of Porto-Santa Ruffina who, in my name and charged by me, will have to exercise all functions which normally, according to the constitution of this society, fall to the superior general as well as the provincial superior of the Italian province in relation to apostolic works in Italy, such as the periodicals ('Famiglia Cristiana', 'Jesus', 'Vita Pastorale') and related St. Paul editions and societies, and for that which concerns the preparation of the forthcoming General Chapter. You, Fr. Silvio Pignotti, will maintain the title and authority of superior general in all that which concerns other aspects (novitiate, religious formation, etc)."

"While I invite you to communicate to all the members of the congregation this decision of mine which was meditated upon at length, I trust that it will be accepted and understood in its authentic value, as a sign, that is, of affectionate pastoral solicitude."

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