VATICAN CITY, FEB 28, 1997 (VIS) - Following is the text of a statement given today by Holy See Press Office Director Joaquin Navarro-Valls, on the letter from the Holy Father to the St. Paul Society which was published today:

"The St. Paul Society, following its founding charism, works to proclaim Jesus the Master to the world through the professionally qualified use of the modern means of social communications, which is becoming more and more important.

"This apostolic service, performed with commitment by the sons of Don Alberione, as a result of the complexity and delicacy of the instruments with which it is realized, sometimes encounters difficulties of different types, which can cause, despite the good will of all, delicate situations.

"Aware that the prolonging of the current difficulties in which the St. Paul Society has found itself would cause a strong detriment, both in the effectiveness of the apostolate and in the internal life of the religious family itself, the Holy Father has reached the decision of naming a pontifical delegate for the sectors of apostolic works in Italy and for the preparation of the General Chapter.

"It falls within the praxis of the Holy See to assist Institutes which find themselves in difficulty, providing help that responds to concrete situations.

"The Supreme Pontiff's letter has been welcomed by the superior general of the St. Paul Society as a stimulus for an ever greater fidelity to the consecration and specific mission of the Institute in the Church.

"Upon making known to the brothers the Holy See's intervention, the superior general has exhorted them to embrace it with full adhesion of the soul and in a spirit of obedience to the Pope."

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