VATICAN CITY, MAR 16, 1997 (VIS) - Before reciting the angelus today, Pope John Paul invited the faithful gathered below his study window in St. Peter's Square "to implore the Lord for peace for Albania."

"The crisis which is disturbing that nation," he said, "which a short time ago emerged from a long period of inhuman dictatorship, has by now extended to the whole country, making those dear populations founder in total insecurity.

"For Albania's good, I ask all those who have taken up arms to put them down: destructive violence is certainly not the appropriate means to resolve social problems. On the contrary, each one should feel committed to cooperate, with respect for persons and law, in reestablishing trust between the citizens and their leaders. None of this can be realized without public order.

"Certainly," concluded the Holy Father, "these tragic events summon all of Europe: it must help the rulers and the Albanian people to build their country on the basis of democracy and political and social dialogue.

"May the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Good Counsel, intercede so that the force of arms does not get the upper hand over peace and indifference does not prevail over solidarity!"

In reflections on today's Gospel narration of the Greeks who asked the disciples to meet Jesus, the Pope said: "We want to see Christ! This is the cry that mankind addresses today also to Christ's disciples, asking them to show the divine face in their lives and works."

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