Mother Teresa's Nuns Remain in Baghdad

New Delhi, Mar. 20 ( - The Missionaries of Charity (MC)-- the religious congregation founded by Mother Teresa-- today announced that four nuns would remain at their job in Baghdad, working with crippled orphans, despite the war there.

«As missionaries who have dedicated their lives to God in service to the poorest of the poor, our four sisters have freely chosen to remain with the crippled orphaned children,» said a statement issued by MC superior general Sister Nirmala.

The four nuns in the MC home in Baghdad (three Indians and a Bangladeshi) are looking after crippled children in the age of 2 to 12 years.

«We pray with all out hearts the war may be averted because the poor are always the ones to suffer most. May God touch the hearts of all with his love, restoring peace and joy to all the troubled areas in our world,» said Sister Nirmala.

Catholic World News (CWN)
20. mars 2003