Abbeden i Klosterneuburg gjenvalgt

On December 14, 2005, the chapter of Augustinian canons of Stift Klosterneuburg convened to elect or reelect a new provost. Provost Bernhard's term, specified when he was first elected ten years ago, had lapsed and the time had come to either reelect him or select another man to be the Praepositus, the "one who is placed before".

Provost Bernhard Backovsky was reelected for another ten years. This was a tremendous show of support for the Provost as well as for the direction he has taken the community. He can continue the many excellent projects already begun and conceive new ones as well.

Melding fra Stift Klosterneuburg/ KI - Katolsk Informasjonstjeneste (Oslo) (4. januar 2006)

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