Kristne irakere møtte Stortingets visepresident

En irakisk soldat utenfor en kirke i Mosul. Foto: AsiaNews

Tirsdag den 16. november møtte Faraj Asmaro fra St. Joseph forening for Kaldeere i Norge Stortingets visepresident Marit Nybakk. Hensikten med møtet var å sette fokus på den svært utsatte situasjonen for kristne i Irak, og samtidig be norske myndigheter om beskyttelse og oppholdstillatelse for irakiske kristne.

Pressemeldingen lyder som følger:

Meeting with the Vice President of Stortinget, Marit Nybakk

Today, Tuesday November 16th, there was a 40 minutes meeting between Vice President Marit Nybakk, Faraj Asmaro, head of the Chaldean St. Joseph`s Church Association, and May-Lisbeth Myrhaug in the venerable offices of the Presidium.

The theme of the meeting was the terrible situation for Iraqi Christians, particularly in Baghdad, but also in neighboring countries and for the Iraqi Christians in Norway. The objective of the meeting was to ask the political leaders of Norway for help and protection, because the Iraqi Christians are on the verge of disappearing from the country. And also help for Iraqi Christians in Norway - so that they are not deported from Norway.

A statement from the Council of Norwegian Catholic Bishops in regards to the massacres of Christians in Iraq, and a statement that was read loud during the solidarity demonstration on Saturday, November 13th, was delivered to the Vice President.

It was decided that the Vice President would contact Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and take up the matter with him, and also that one aims to create an open and broad inquiry into the untenable situation of Christians in the Middle East. The world community must now respond to the tragedy unfolding before our eyes.

It may in this context be stated that there will be a meeting between the Iraqi ambassador to Norway, Faraj Asmaro and May-Lisbeth Myrhaug. Here, Dominican and theologist Else-Britt Nilsen, will also be attending.

KI - Katolsk Informasjonstjeneste (Oslo) (19. november 2010)

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