International Colloquium: Education for Peace?

nullPlace: MF Norwegian School of Theology, auditorium 4, Gydas vei 4, Oslo. 

Program (PDF) 

Education is crucial for all societies. In the Norwegian context, it is often believed that investment in education automatically leads to a better society and above all to employment. However, it is necessary to nuance this view. This conference will explore how education contributes to community-building in regions affected by conflict and especially on how religion is taught in educational institutions. The ethical dimensions of this theme will likewise be discussed:  the goals that should animate educational programs in conflict settings, the special conditions of alertness and sensitivity that are needed, and how by these means improved relations between people of different religions can be fostered. The conference aims to discuss in what way education can contribute to community-building, and identify ideals that must accompany such an education.

The conference will in particular highlight the social responsibility of all educational institutions in Israel and Palestine, whether public or private.  The challenge is to foster good and active citizens who will be able and willing to contribute to building democratic societies where different cultures and faiths will live side by side.

Registration is available until 16 April 2014.

Electronic registration form 

Conference fee: NOK 490 (lunch included).

Organising institutions:

OESSH, Norway

• MF

• The European Council, the Education Department

• The European Wergeland Center

• The Catholic Diocese of Oslo

• The Congregation of Catholic Education


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