Chaldean priests serving in Europe met in Rome

By Fr. Rooni Yousif 

R15.jpegUnder the title "strengthen your brothers" (Luke 22:32) an extraordinary meeting, with the Chaldean priests serving in Europe, was called by the new Apostolic Visitor to Chaldeans in Europe Bishop Saad Sirop for the period from 5th to 9th December 2016. The new Apostolic Visitor was appointed by His Holiness Pope Francis after he was nominated by the Chaldean Synod held recently in Erbil, Iraq.

Four of the priests apologized from coming because of other commitments which could not be cancelled.

The meeting was held in a brotherly manner immersed in the spirit of love and love of service.

After a short welcome speech and after the evening prayer, the Apostolic Visitor presented his appointment papers and his working plan of service in order to "uphold our Chaldean Church in Europe and to gather our children scattered in Europe.

The Bishop asked us to be spiritual, ecclesial and pastoral and original refarences  in these circumstances in which we live. Then the Bishop added that he wishes us to count him as a brother priest and as a father bishop, to help, encourage and to assist us in our work. He also said in his speech that he will give us his full cooperation, integration and activation..Then he gave us a spiritual  lecture which took us  to the depth of the birth of the baby Jesus, and how to understand and live the mystery of incarnation.

The daily meetings were full with prayers, morning and evening in the beautiful Chaldean liturgy and hymns. The morning Holy Mass was held by H.E. Bishop Sirop and two priests.

On the second day, we were visited by Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, the head of Eastern Churches Council, his personal secretary and Fr. Anton, the priest responsible for the Chaldean Church file in the Council. Cardinal Sandry read the Appointment Letter and then asked each and every priest for a short resume about himself and his work in Europe.

The Cardinal praised the Chaldean people and priests in Europe for their good work and wished that their torch of faith remains glowing. The Cardinal urges the Chaldean people and priests to unite and support their leaders with love and to reject all types of differences, splits and those who incite them and to work hand in hand in order to uphold the message of our saver Jesus Christ. A  picture was taken with all present, and then the Cardinal greeted us farewell with a fatherly love.

The meetings continued in a way where each priest presented his Mission, its duties, expectations, activities difficulties faced in conveying the message of  our faith to the people.

On the third day, after the morning prayer and Mass, we went to the Vatican ( Pope Paul 6th hall ) to see and hear H.H. Pope Francis in his Weekly General Public Meeting. His Holiness talked about the hope which gives pleasure, pleasure of meeting our Lord Jesus Christ. 

During His Holiness’s speech, he welcomed the Chaldean Bishop and Priests present in the hall, so without any pre arrangement , we started chanting in, Chaldean Language, an ancient hymn which is to ask His Holiness for his blessings and his prayers. Every thing went quite in the hall during our prayer and His Holiness Listened carefully with joy and the he emphasised the importance of hope in our life. His Holiness met us at the end of the meeting and after receiving his blessings, we took many pictures with his holiness. 

On the fourth day, we discussed with Bishop Sirop the development and the future of the Chaldean Missions in Europe. 

H.E. Bishop Saad Sirop promised again to give us all kind of support in our work and he also promised to make regular visits to our Missions. 

The meetings started and ended in a brotherly spirit, not any spirit but The Holy spirit of God that gives strength, consolation and stability to the Servants of the people  to discharge their duties.            









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