Protective measures against Coronavirus (COVID-19) per 11 March 2020


The Catholic diocese of Oslo’s protective measures against infection will be in force until Palm Sunday 

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PRAY FOR THE SICK: – Be assured that the priests of the Church are praying for you, the sick, health workers and the especially vulnerable, says Bishop of Oslo Bernt I. Eidsvig. Foto: C-F Wesenberg


Dear faithful, 

attempting to limit or prevent coronavirus infection is a practical way of exercising charity. For this reason, the Catholic diocese of Oslo introduces protective measures against infection, in this very demanding situation. We pray for those who are infected, those who are especially vulnerable, and our selfless health care workers.


We encourage parish priests, parish councils and the faithful to respect and be vigilantly mindful of the protective measures and advice given by local authorities.


Measures outside of mass (mandatory):

  • All social activities prior to and after the celebration of mass are cancelled: no gathering for coffee after mass or the like is allowed. 
  • All catechesis is immediately suspended, regardless of the number of participants.
  • All other activities outside of mass are suspended: no choir practice, lectures, retreats, or similar activities are allowed.
  • All travel abroad is suspended for employees and priests in the diocese.


Measures during mass (mandatory):

  • All services with more than 100 participants are immediately suspended.
  • Keep one meter between yourself and other worshippers. This also applies when you come to church for prayer and reflection outside of mass.
  • Avoid handshakes before, during, and after the mass. This applies to the priest as well.
  • Only receive communion under one species (only hand communion).
  • All holy-water basins must be empty. Holy water is not to be used. (Baptisms should be postponed if possible).
  • No collection is taken up during mass, but after mass instead. The faithful themselves should put gifts in a suitable container placed at the exit or other appropriate locations. We encourage the faithful to use Vipps.
  • Hymnals are not to be used. Photocopies of psalms should be used instead, and then disposed of.


We emphasize that if you are in doubt about your own state of health, notice symptoms of illness, or feel sick, you are exempted from your Sunday obligation. If you stay at home, you are encouraged to pray and practice spiritual communion, on your own or with your family.


The churches will remain open to all the faithful. Be assured that the priests of the Church are praying for you, the sick, health workers and the especially vulnerable.


May lent renew us and inspire us to do extra penance, pray and fast on behalf all who are impacted! 



Oslo, 11 March 2020 

In Christo,


+Bernt I. Eidsvig, Can. Reg.

Bishop of Oslo