Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on the Apostolic Prefecture of Afghanistan, 1879

In 1879, after the British occupation of Afghanistan, an Apostolic Prefecture Afghanistan was set up, and entrusted to the Mill Hill Fathers (detached from Bombay). The Mill Hill Fathers were never able to commence their commission; thus, the Ap. Prefecture never functioned.

In 1895, the Armenian churches in Kabul were destroyed, ending all Christian presence in the country.

In 1933 following an Afghan-Italian agreement, the chaplain of the Italian embassy was allowed to officiate for the catholics (all foreign diplomats). After some years intermission during the Taliban years, this arrangement was resumed in January 2002.

Source: Notes by Mr. Bob Hilkens

Sources: Mr. Bob Hilkens, Atlas 1929, and LThK 1930-1938

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