Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on the Diocese of Yopal, 1999

The Holy Father, Pope John Paul II has established (October 29th 1999) the diocese of Yopal with territory taken partly from the Vicariate Apostolic of Casanare, making it suffragan of the metropolitan Church of Tunja; at the same time the remaining Vicariate Apostolic will take the new name Trinidad.

The new diocese of Yopal includes the western part of the Casanare Vicariate apostolic, consisting in the flank of the Cordigliera Orientale and the Piedemonte Llanero as well as the Morcote police district which until now belonged to the diocese of Duitama-Sogamoso. While the remaining part of Casanare Vicariate apostolic, except for the civil district of La Ururia (Bocaya) which will pass under the Garagoa diocese, will remain a Vicariate Apostolic with the new name of Trinidad.

The new diocese of Yopal will cover a territory of 17,565 sq km, divided in some 14 parishes, with a population of almost 220,000. The new diocese will have as cathedral St Joseph's parish church and it will retain as patroness Our Lady of Sorrows of Manare.

Source: Fides, December 3rd, 1999

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