Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on the Diocese of Hajdúdorog 1912

Diocese of Hajdu-Dorogh (Hajdu-Doroghensis) - Greek Rite, erected on 8 June, 1912, for the Catholics of pure Greek Rite scattered through Hungary. The diocese has been endowed by the Hungarian Government, and is under the jurisdiction of the Propaganda. It comprises 8 parishes in Eperies, 70 in Munkacs, 35 in Fogaras, 1 in Gran, 44 in Grosswardein (Greek), and 4 in Szamos-Ujvar. After three years the sole liturgical language is to be ancient Greek. Hajdu-Dorogh is suffragan to the Latin See of Gran. See "Acta Apost. Sedis", IV (1912), 429-35.

(Source: Catholic Encyclopedia 1912)

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