Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on the Diocese of Asansol, 1997

The Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, has created (October 24th 1997) the diocese of Asansol (India) with territory taken from the archdiocese of Calcutta, making it suffragan of the same Metropolitan Church, and nominated (October 24th 1997) first Bishop of Asansol Reverend Monsignor Cyprian Monis, until now titular Bishop of Molicunza and Auxiliary of Calcutta.

Some further information:

The new diocese of Asansol (India) will include the whole civil district of Burdwan; 9 thanas or police stations in the Bankura civil district: Saltora, Mejhia, Gangajalghati, Barjora, Senamukhi, Patrasari, Indus, Chatna and Bankura; and 10 thanas of the sub-division of Suri in the civil district of Bhirbhum: Muhammadbazar, Rajnagar, Khoyrasole, Dubraijpur, Suri, Illambazar, Sainthia, Bolpur, Labhpur and Nanoor.

The diocese of Asansol was erected for the following reasons: good prospects for evangelization among the Santals, great extension of the mother-diocese did not favour development, particularly in the rural areas far from the great city of Calcutta; it will be easier for the Bishop to visit villages and encourage the Catholics in their faith. Here are the statistics of the mother diocese and the new diocese of Asansol.

Area40,857 sq km11,000 sq km29,857 sq km
Population31,017,440 8,000,00023,017,440
Catholics132,736 20,546112,190
Parishes 711754
Priests (diocesan)921478
Priests (Religious)138 13125
Sisters912101 811
Major Seminarians 4710-1532-37
Catechists 22364159
Charitable institutes 883157

Source: Fides, December 5th, 1997

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