Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on the Diocese of Fidene 502

About Fidene (now Castel Giubileo), there are two versions.

1. The only notice about a diocese is from 502. At a Council in Rome we have a Gerenzio as bishop of Fidenae. The town became uninhabited during the VIII century and the diocese was abandoned. (Comune di Roma website, page no longer available)

3. The second version based on the most recent historic researches: Fidene has never been a diocese and Gerenzio wasn't bishop there.
Source: L. Quilici, S. Quilici Gigli, Fidenae, C.N.R., Roma 1986, pp.434-435. (L. Quilici kindly wrote to me.)

Today, Fidene is a quarter of Rome.

-Giulio Longo

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