Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on the history of the Diocese of Sabina-Poggio Mirteto

The Diocese of Sabina (Sabinensis) was formed out of three older dioceses: Forum Novum (later known as Vescovio, or Santa Maria in Vescovio), Cures (Corese), and Nomentum. Cures was once capital of the Sabinians, hence, the name Sabina.

- Forum Novum (Vescovio / Santa Maria in Vescovio / diocese of the Sabinians = Sabina)

A tradition of unknown reliability says that St. Peter lived in Forum Novum. In any case, the diocese was very probably erected in apostolic years. However, we have historical documentation only from the fifth century. During the XII century, the name of the town changed from Forum Novum to Vescovio. On 18 September 1495, Pope Alexander VI moved the see to Magliano.

- Nomentum (Mentana)

Another diocese in the same area was Nomentum (the place is now named Mentana). This diocese was erected before 401, it is not possible to know exactly when. Nomentum's last known bishop was a Teodoro, mentioned in 804. In May 944, Pope Marinus II formally incorporated Nomentum in Forum Novum.

- Cures (Corese)

The first known bishop of Cures can be dated to the year 465. The line of bishops is not long, 128 years later, in February 593, Pope St. Gregory the Great wrote to the bishop of Nomenum that it was his will that the see of Nomentum be permanently united to the "Ecclesiam S. Anthimi in Curium Sabinorum territorio" - actually, uniting Cures and Nomentum. This is in fact the first example in church history of two episcopal sees being united.

On 21 June 1521 pope Leo X reorganized the diocese (and the title of the bishop became "of the two Sabinas". Note that the bishops of Forum Novum was also known as "episcopi sabinenses" since the IX century.

On 25 November 1841, Gregory XVI suppressed the Abbey "nullius" of Farfa and put it under Sabina; erected the new diocese of Poggio Mirteto with territories from Sabina, a nd from a part of Rieti, and with all the territory of suppressed Abbey "nullius" of San Salvatore Maggiore, which was also suppressed at the same time.

On 3 June 1925, Pope Pius XI, with his Apostolic Constitution "Suburbicariae Sabinae Dioecesis", suppressed Poggio Mirteto and incorporated it in Sabina (but maintaining the name Poggio Mirteto in its title = Diocese of Sabina-Poggio Mirteto). The abbey of San Salvatore was transferred to the Diocese of Rieti.

(Sources: Research of Mr. Giulio Longo, (website discontinued) )


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