Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on Curaçao 1715 and 1827

The Dutch territories are actually in two opposite parts of the Lesser Antilles. In the south, considered part of the Windward Islands [de Benedenwindse Eilanden], there are the three islands of Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire. In the north, among the Leeward Islands [de Bovenwindse Eilanden], there are the three islands of Sint Maarten (actually, only half of this island is Dutch; the other half - Saint Martin - is French), Saba and Sint Eustatius.

In 1715, it was «de jure» only the «Benedenwindse Eilanden» (Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire) that were detached from Caracas and made into the Apostolic Vicariate of Curaçao. But in fact, the Apostolic Vicar also exercised jurisdiction even over the Dutch islands of Sint Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius, which were theoretically still part of the diocese of Puerto Rico.

In 1827, Sint Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius were «de jure» detached from the Ap. Vicariate of Trinidad and attached to Curaçao.

(Based on input from Bob Hilkens [based on Hartog 1961])

- CT

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