Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on the Diocese of Barquisimeto / Carabobo - 1907

In 1907, the See of the diocese of Barquisimeto was transferred from the city Barquisimeto to the city of Valencia. The Consistorial Congregation in the Vatican issued a decree (12 February 1907) which changed the name of the diocese to Carabobo, which is the name of the civil province concerned. This decree, however, seems not to have had any effect. Although some sources (CE, Battandier 1916) accept the change, it was not even acknowledged in the AP [or in the Gerarchia Cattolica]. In Battandier 1929 the diocese is called "Barquisimeto ou Carabobo".

We conclude that the decree changing the name in 1907 failed to have any effect.

-CT (information from Mr. James A. Derrick and Mr. Charles N. Bransom, based on Battandier, HC, CE, and AP)
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