Synod of Bishops to Observe Attack Anniversary

VATICAN, Oct 10, 01 ( - The world's Catholic bishops will unite in prayer on Thursday, October 11-- on month after the terror attack on New York and Washington-- to pray for the victims and for the cause of world peace.

At the direction of Pope John Paul II, the Synod of Bishops will dedicate its morning prayer session to the memorial. The Pope himself will read a series of prayers: for those killed in the attack, for government leaders, for the families of the victims and those who offered help, for the conversion of the terrorists, and for peace among all the "children of Abraham." These prayers will be read in six different languages: Italian, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, and English. At the close of the Synod's deliberations in the evening, the participating bishops will join with the Pope in saying the Rosary for world peace.

A separate ceremony will be held on the same day in the Roman basilica of St. John Lateran. There-- in an observance organized at the request of Italy's President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi-- representatives of the city's Christian denominations will gather for prayer.

In New York, Cardinal Edward Egan will lead a service of remembrance for those who were killed. Cardinal Egan, who is serving as relator general for the Synod of Bishops, is traveling back to his New York archdiocese at the request of Pope John Paul; he will be carrying a personal message from the Pontiff to the people of New York.

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10. oktober 2001

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