4 millioner Rosaries to Fight Culture of Death

NEW DELHI, Oct 31, 01 (CWNnews.com) - The Archdiocese of Thrichur in south India has dedicated four million rosaries 'in penance' to counteract the rampant culture of death, in a campaign that concludes today as October-- the month dedicated to the Rosary- - draws to a close.

Father Jose Maliekal, vicar of Nirmalapuram parish in the Thrichur archdiocese told CWNews.com that during the campaign, mounted the pro-life group of his parish, most of the 200 parishes in the archdiocese have responded to the call, dedicating 20,000 rosaries per parish. In a pastoral letter to 450,000 Catholics of the archdiocese, Archbishop Jacob Thoomkuzhy had urged parishes to join in the campaign.

"Several parishes even invited us and we have visited 22 parishes during this month, holding special prayers to make the people aware of the evils of abortion, contraception, suicide, and mercy killing," said E C George, a layman who initiated the campaign last year.

"We hold every month a night vigil in the church with this aim. Now, we are planning to spread it to the whole of the diocese and beyond," said George who reports that he had a vision during a retreat two years ago, prompting him "to preach and pray" against the culture of death. George said told CWNews.com that he resigned his teacher's job in May to dedicate his full time to the effort.

CWN - Catholic World News
31. oktober 2001