China Arrests 50 Foreign Falun Gong Members

NEW YORK, FEB. 15, 2002 ( Falun Gong members in North American launched an international appeal for the release and safe return of 50 foreigners, members of the spiritual movement, who were arrested in Beijing on Thursday.

Over 40 Westerners were arrested while appealing peacefully in Tiananmen Square for an end to the illegal persecution against Falun Gong. Fourteen were dragged from their hotel rooms earlier in the day. Some members were beaten, stepped on, slapped and cursed as they hauled away, the group said.

The appeal was made in a press statement by Levi Browde in New York, and Jason Loftus in Toronto, who were expelled from China recently.

In a statement published by China's official agency Xinhua, authorities said that the 40 arrested received "humane treatment."

The authorities emphasized that the Tiananmen protest was "a violation of Chinese legislation that regulates the right to protest," as well as "the norms that prohi bit diabolic cults."

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15. februar 2002

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