Johannes Paul IIs onsdagsaudienser

Paven holder vanligvis hver onsdag en kort katekese på ulike språk, som oftest på selve Petersplassen eller i Vatikanets store audienssal. Alle som ønsker det, kan bestille gratis inngangskort og være tilstede ved disse audiensene. Paven tar vanligvis for seg ett tema under lengre tid, slik at emnet til sammen blir grundig behandlet. På slutten av audiensen hilser Paven de ulike gruppene som er til stede, og kommer med enkelte bemerkninger knyttet til aktuelle forhold.

Man behøver inngangskort til disse (og andre) arrangementene.

Denne listen er ikke fullstendig. På Vatikanets hjemmesider finnes forkortede utgaver fra og med 1997.

Pavens onsdagskatekeser om:

2000-02-26 "Nature Speaks to Us of God" adresse
2000-02-09 "The Glory of the Trinity in History"
2000-01-19 From the Source to the Mouth of the River of Salvation History (19. januar 2000)
1999-11-03 Jubilee Calls for Economic Solidarity (3. november 1999)
1999-12-22 Begin Jubilee Year with Profound Joy (22. desember 1999)
Pavens pilegrimsreiser til frelseshistoriens hellige steder
2000-03-29 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
2000-03-01 Ten Commandments, Pilgrimage to Egypt
2000-02-16 Pilgrimage "in Abraham's Footsteps"
1999-12-15 Message of Love to Confront the Loss of God in Society (15. desember 1999)
1999-10-27 Preferential Love for the Poor
1999-10-20 Love of God demands love of Neighbor
1999-10-13 The Theological Virtue of Love: Love for God
Synd og det onde
1999-08-18 Fight evil and sin with determination
«De siste ting»
1999-08-11 Salvation is humanity's ultimate destiny
1999-08-04 Purgatory is necessary purification
1999-07-28 Hell Is the State of Those Who Reject God
1999-07-21 Heaven Is Fullness of Communion with God
1999-07-09 Believers in Christ Need Not Fear Death
1999-06-02 We Await A New Heaven and New Earth
1999-05-26 Universal eschatology: Humanity on the Journey to the Father
Interreligiøs dialog
1999-05-19 Dialogue with the Great World Religions
1999-05-12 Muslims and Christians Adore the One God
1999-05-05 Jews and Christian Share much Together
1999-04-21 Dialogue Is Part of Church's Saving Mission
1998-09-09 Seeds of Truth Are Found in Other Religions
Kristendom og ateisme
1999-04-14 Christian Response to Modern Atheism
Det liturgiske år
2000-03-08 Lenten Itinerary of Penance, Ash Wednesday
1999-03-31 The Most Important Days for Our Faith (Påske)
1998-02-12 'Repent and believe in the Gospel' (Askeonsdag)
1996-04-28 The Apostles' Experience of the Risen Christ Is Entirely Credible (Påske)
Gud Fader
1999-09-29 Norsk oversettelseAvlat er et uttrykk for Guds barmhjertighet
1999-09-15 Jesus Reveals the Father's Merciful Face
1999-05-26 Universal eschatology: Humanity on the Journey to the Father
1999-04-07 God the Father's Love Is Demanding
1999-03-24 God the Father's Providential Love
1999-03-17 Eternal Life Means Knowing the Father
1999-03-10 Jesus' Relationship With His Father, Revelation of the Trinitarian Mystery
1999-03-03 A Unique Relationship with the Father - The experience of the Father of Jesus of Nazareth
1999-02-17 I will arise and return to my Father
1999-02-20 The 'Fatherhood' of God in the Old Testament (kort versjon)
1999-02-13 The face of God the Father, the desire of man - God Gradually Reveals His Fatherhood
1998-12-16 Jesus is the only way to the Father - On Pilgrimage to the Father's House
Den Hellige Ånd
1998-12-09 Mary's Motherhood Is Linked to the Spirit
1998-12-02 We Await New Heavens and a New Earth
1998-11-25 Spirit Leads Church on Path of Renewal
1998-11-18 Signs of Hope at the End of This Century
1998-11-11 The Holy Spirit Is Source of Hope
1998-11-04 Our Bodies Will Share in the Resurrection
1998-10-28 Life in the Spirit Transcends Even Death
1998-10-21 Spirit Bestows Gift of Transcendent Life
1998-09-23 In the Spirit We Read the Signs of the Times
1998-09-16 Spirit Is Active Wherever the Truth Is Sought
1998-09-09 Seeds of Truth Are Found in Other Religions
1998-09-02 Holy Spirit Is Source of True Freedom
1998-08-19 Creation Must Be Dwelling Place of Peace
1998-08-12 Spirit Acts In All Creation and History
1998-08-05 The Spirit Is the Source of Ministries
1998-07-29 The Spirit Is Source of Communion
1998-07-22 Man Is Sanctified by the Holy Spirit
1998-07-08 Holy Spirit Enlivens and Animates the Church
1998-07-01 Gospel Is Preached in Power of the Spirit
1998-06-17 Holy Spirit Gives Birth to the Church
1998-06-10 Spirit Is Present in the Paschal Mystery
1998-05-27 Spirit Enables Us to Share in Divine Nature
1998-05-20 Spirit is Source of New and Eternal Life
1998-05-13 Spirit is gradually revealed in Scripture
Fermingens sakrament
1998-10-14 Confirmation Seals Us With Gift of the Spirit
1998-09-30 Confirmation Perfects Baptismal Grace
Jomfru Maria
2000-01-05 Rejoice, Full of Grace (5. januar 2000)
2000-01-12 Mary's Mediation in Christ (12. januar 2000)
1998-12-09 Mary's motherhood is linked to the Spirit
1998-05-06 Mary Is Our Model and Guide in Faith
1997-03-05 Mary is active in her Son's mission
1997-02-26 Jesus works miracle at Mary's request
1997-01-29 Mary's 'hidden life' is example to mothers
1997-01-15 Mary co-operates by personal obedience
1997-01-08 Christ calls women to share his mission
1996-12-18 Mary has role in Jesus' saving mission
1996-12-11 Simeon Is Open to the Lord's Action
1996-12-04 Blessed Virgin Is Model of Perfect Love
1996-11-27 Church Proclaims Mary 'Mother of God'
1996-11-20 Nativity Shows Mary's Closeness to Jesus
1996-10-02 Visitation is prelude to Jesus' mission
1996-09-18 Mary, the New Eve, freely obeyed God
1996-09-24 Mary Offers Sublime Model of Service
1996-08-28 The Church Presents Mary as 'Ever Virgin'
1996-08-21 Mary and Joseph Lived Gift of Virginity
1996-07-31 Eternal Son of God Is Also Born of Mary
1996-07-24 Our Lady Intended to Remain a Virgin
1996-07-10 Virginal Conception Is Biological Fact
1996-07-03 Mary Freely Cooperated in God's Plan
1996-05-08 Blessed Virgin Was Filled with God's Grace
1996-05-01 Mary Responds to God with Spousal Love
1996-01-31 Isaiah's Prophecy Fulfilled in Incarnation
1995-12-13 Council's Teaching on Mary Is Rich and Positive
1995-12-06 Mary Sheds Light on Role of Women
1995-11-15 To Honor Mary Is to Go to Jesus
1995-11-08 Church Grew in Understanding of Mary's Role
1995-10-25 Mary Was United to Jesus on the Cross
Jesus Kristus Guds Sønn
1998-02-28 Jesus gave his life as a ransom for many
1998-01-28 Jesus' 'Hour' Is Time of Human Salvation
1999-11-24 Woman as Masterpiece of God's Creation (24. november 1999)
1996-04-10 Woman's Moral Nobility
Andre emner
2001-08-01 Norsk oversettelseMinistranter - Mere enn "sogneprestens hjelpere" (om ministranter)
1999-12-01 Responsibility for the Promotion of the Family (1. desember 1999)
1999-06-30 Symbol of Communion With Church of Rome (The meaning of the pallium.)
1999-05-19 Nation's Right to Existence Is Always A Just Cause (Remarks to Polish pilgrims recalling the Battle of Monte Cassino.)
1996-11-19 Wipe out the tragic scandal of hunger (Hungersnøden i den fattige verden)
1996-01-17 Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock (Kristen enhet)
1993-10-20 Deacons Are Called to Life of Holiness
1993-10-05 Deacons Serve the Kingdom of God
Refleksjoner etter pastoralreiser utenfor Italia
1999-11-17 Religious Dialogue in India and Georgia (17. november 1999, etter reise til Inda og Georgia)
1999-02-10 Americans Must Be Light of the World (Etter reise til Mexico og USA)
1998-10-07 Croatia Has Borne Heroic Witness to Christ (Etter reise til Kroatia)
1998-06-24 Church In Austria Faces Important Issues (Etter reise til Østerrike)
1996-09-25 Church has benefited from French Christianity (Etter reise til Frankrike)
1996-09-11 Church Commemorates Thousand-Year Old Roots (Etter reise til Ungarn)
1996-06-26 Now Is the Time to Put Aside Past Hatred (Etter reise til Tyskland)
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