N.Y. Cardinal Says Vengeance Isn't an Answer for Sept. 11

Faces Reporters' Question as Synod Sessions Open

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 1, 2001 (Zenit.org).- Asked about the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in his archdiocese, New York Cardinal Edward Egan told reporters today: "Vengeance, reprisals and repression are not the words of civilized people. We must put these words to one side."

The tragedy had an echo in the assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which began its sessions today. At a press conference with several cardinals and bishops, journalists directed most of their questions to Cardinal Egan who, coincidentally, is general relator of the assembly.

"We certainly want justice carried out and those responsible for the crime to be identified," the cardinal said, when asked about the terrorist attacks. "We cannot be accomplices of injustice."

"We do not know exactly who it was, but we will do everything possible to identify the one responsible," he added. "First, it is necessary to know who are the ones who are responsible; then punishment must be meted out with a spirit of justice. The U.N. or another institution must ensure the act of justice."

A few minutes after the first attack on the Twin Towers, Cardinal Egan arrived at the scene to administer the sacraments and help the wounded.

"I saw people digging for hours looking for lifeless bodies," he recalled. "I saw firefighters and volunteers walk through bits of human bodies, and remove the remains of people from the rubble. I saw a holiness and supernatural spirit, which I could never have imagined in my whole life.

"There is a God in heaven, and there will come a time when holiness will be manifest."

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1. oktober 2001

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