Uttalelse fra Den Nordiske Bispekonferanse om krisen i Irak


Statement on the Iraq crisis

We the Bishops of the Scandinavian Bishops' Conference are gathered in Rome for our "ad limina" visit and for our Bishops' Conference, against the backdrop and crisis of the war in Iraq. Our work here has been overshadowed by the war and we have prayed daily for peace and justice in Iraq and our world. Our thoughts go to the people of that country and their suffering, first from longstanding injustice and now from war. We are very aware that many of our sisters and brothers in our own countries have family and friends in the warzone and we pray for their safety and that God will be with them.

This is not a war between religion, and the name of God sholuld never be invoked to justify resort to war or the use of violence. We ask our Christian brothers and sisters to work together with all people of good will to create solidarity between peoples in order to promote harmonious relations in our countries. We welcome the efforts already being made by our gouverments and our Caritas organisations to prepare for humanitarian aid to Iraq and to that country's reconstruction.

Together with the Holy Father we say that war is always a defeat for humanity. Humanity have failed, we turn even more to God in prayer. We pray first for the people of Iraq and for all the families of those who have died or suffered in any way. We pray for the politicians and military leaders who are responsible for the direction of the war, that they will as quickly as possible bring it to an end. We pray for those who will have to rebulid the society of Iraq, when the war is over, that they will work for justice and peace.

We pray that there may be a swift end to the conflict and a renewed determination to create a just and lasting peace for all the peoples of the Middle East.

Uttalelse fra Den Nordiske Bispekonferanse, Roma, 8. april 2003
10. april 2003

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