Communique from Islamic-Catholic Liaison Committee

VATICAN CITY, APR 10, 1999 (VIS) - Made public this afternoon by the Holy See Press Office was a communique from the Islamic-Catholic Liaison Committee expressing concern over the situation in Kosovo and the Balkans. This committee was established in 1995 between the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and international Islamic organizations.

The text of the English-language communique, dated Rome, April 10, 1999 and Jeddah 24 Dhu Al-Hajjah 1420, follows:

"The Islamic-Catholic Liaison committee expresses its grave concern about current situations in the world where there is violence, destruction and war. This concern is particularly great in regard to the situation in Kosovo and the Balkan region. The Committee strongly condemns the harm done to innocent civilians, particularly women, children and the elderly, and all violations of human dignity and human rights. The Committee appeals to all sides and to the international society to do their utmost to bring and end to the hostilities. Appreciating every positive step to resolve the conflict, it urges all people who believe in the one God, and in particular religious leaders, to use their influence to bring about a permanent and just solution to the underlying problems, encourage urgent humanitarian aid, and so restore peace for all the inhabitants of the region."

VIS - Vatican Information Service

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