Den latinske patriark i Jerusalem om valget i Israel

Press Release

Jerusalem, May 18, 1999

We congratulate those who have been elected by the people on the 17th of May, in order to lead the country to peace, justice and reconciliation. We hope it will be possible for them to answer people's expectations for peace, for which this Holy Land and the entire Region long so much. We hope and pray for an end to the long conflict. May it be replaced by a new vision, which will ensure security and complete freedom to all who were parties to this conflict. May there begin a new era of peace, brotherhood and prosperity for all the peoples of the region. The country and the region thirst for justice and peace and deserve leaders who will guide us on this path. May Jerusalem, the Holy City, at the threshhold of the Great Jubilee find again its vocation as the place of reconciliation. May all of us, Israelis and Palestinians, be peacemakers, so that all the people may see God in His Land and praise Him for ever for his mercy. The hopes are many. Their realisation needs wisdom and courage. May the voice of the Prophets guide the new leaders of Israel, so that they may fulfill their own vocation as stewards of the temporal order. May they found their policies on justice, mutual respect, the equality of all God's children in their dignity as well as in their rights and duties in their respective societies.

+ Michel Sabbah
Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
President of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land

Den latinske patriark i Jerusalem

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