A New Tool, an Ancient Language

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 2, 2001 (Zenit.org).- The information age is showing itself in the Synod of Bishops.

For the first time, the assembly's secretariat has installed a computer connected to Internet.

On Monday, during his long address, Cardinal Jan P. Schotte had to use copious words to refer to the personal computer and the telecommunications network in Cicero's language.

"Agitur de apparatu quo acceditur ad rete informaticum seu, ut hodie dicitur, 'internet,'" he told the general assembly. Translation: "This is an apparatus that gives access to the information network or, as it is usually called, Internet."

In fact, he explained, the synod's "Vademecum" refers to Internet in Article 17c. "This tool will allow for easier communication, so that each Father can send and receive information, whether it be for diocesan or other matters."

The cardinal also asked the Synod Fathers to write their speeches on a computer and give a copy on a disc ("discus," he said in Latin), to the secretariat.

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2. oktober 2001

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