Synod Takes Time to Observe Pope's Anniversary

VATICAN, Oct 16, 01 ( - The Synod of Bishops suspended its deliberations for a short time on Tuesday morning, as the assembled prelates offered their best wishes to Pope John Paul II on the 23rd anniversary of his pontifical election.

Cardinal Bernard Agre, the president-delegate of the Synod, represented the body of bishops in addressing the Pope. He also commented that the Synod was engaged in unusually deep and productive discussions on the topic of their deliberations this year: the role of the diocesan bishop.

The Synod is now is its second stage, in which the bishops are divided among 12 small groups to discuss the general themes that have been introduce. The preliminary reports from these working groups pointed to the existence of some disagreement among the bishops, particularly regarding the authority of episcopal conferences and their relations with the Roman Curia.

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16. oktober 2001

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