Bishops' Synod to Issue Strong Condemnation of Terrorism

VATICAN, Oct 18, 01 ( - The final message issued by the Synod of Bishops on October 25 will contain a strong condemnation of terrorism, if an early draft is any indication.

Members of the committee charged with the preparation of a final message have begun to circulate a preliminary draft among the bishops at the Synod. The draft, taking notice of the international crisis that has burgeoned during the weeks of the Synod meetings, is addressed to "the world" rather than simply to Catholics.

The draft statement lists five major concerns regarding the main topic of the bishops' discussions, the role of diocesan bishops.

The first major area of concern involves the role of the bishop as servant of the faithful in his diocese. The statement suggests that a bishop must also bring a message of hope to those outside the Catholic community-- especially during these times of crisis.

Next the statement stresses the bishop's responsibility for the sanctification of his people. It is his duty, the draft says, to do his utmost so that each Catholic "really lives the Gospel, lives the faith, and becomes a disciple and witness of Christ."

Third the draft speaks of the bishop's role in promoting communion-- among the parishes, lay movements, schools, religious orders, associations, and charitable agencies in his diocese.

Fourth the draft examines the task of promoting communion on a universal level, and says that bishops have a duty to join in the direction of the universal Church. The draft calls for "more effective collaboration" and "more confident communication" between the bishops and the Roman Curia.

Finally the draft statement enjoins every bishop to act as an agent of positive change in society at large, encouraging efforts to address the problems of poverty, violence, and injustice.

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18. oktober 2001

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