Biskop Belo akter ikke å påta seg noe politisk verv i et selvstendig Øst-Timor

BISHOP BELO WILL NOT HOLD PUBLIC OFFICE IN EAST TIMOR European Union Proposes Vatican as Mediator in Conflict

ROME, OCT 1 (ZENIT).- The Salesian General Direction confirmed that Bishop Carlos Belo, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, said in Germany that he will not hold public office in his country, which is now recognized as independent.

Bishop Belo, who requested a special "Marshall Plan" of aid for Timor, is traveling to Darwin, Australia, and will return to Dili as soon as possible.

According to the Indonesian news agency ANTARA, the European Union proposed the Vatican as mediator between the conflicting parties in East Timor, in order to accelerate the peace process on the Island.

ANTARA reported that Lars Backstrom, director of humanitarian aid for refugees, believes the Vatican would be an "excellent" mediator to begin the process of reconciliation, since a neutral institution is necessary to reconcile the pro-Indonesia militias with the pro-independence groups. ZE99100102


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