Custody appeals to Jewish Communities all over the world

Jerusalem (Fides) - The Franciscan Custodians of the Holy Land have decided to launch an appeal to Jewish communities all over the world to pressure the Israeli government to order that the electrical power supply at the Franciscan monastery in Bethlehem be turned on again and that water be supplied to the Friars, now at the end of their strength. The Custody tried to convince the Israeli authorities to do this but the only reply was "do not disturb us again".

Custody spokesman Father David Jaeger OFM, told Fides: "The friars cannot resign themselves to the consequences. This is why we rely on our "elder brothers" the Jews, and on the traditional goodwill between the Jews and the Franciscan family. We recall the heroism of Franciscans who saved many Jews from the Shoah, hiding them in numerous monasteries, including Assisi. Today we ask their help".

Fides 12/4/2002
12. april 2002