Press release: The Congregation of Faith about the resignation of bishop Müller

On April 6, Cardinal William Levada, prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, gave me the difficult task to convey that The Holy See towards the end of January 2009 was notified about an accusation against bishop Georg Müller of Trondheim concerning sexual abuse of a person below the age of consent.

The Nunciature in Stockholm was asked to investigate the case, and how it related to Norwegian law. When Müller was confronted with the accusations he admitted they were true, and his request for resignation was immediately accepted. Müller denies repeated questions about additional cases, and no other victims have presented themselves to ecclesial or civil authorities.

Even if the case is expired according to Norwegian law, Church law still applies. For that reason, after his resignation bishop Müller has undergone therapy and has no episcopal or pastoral assignments.

The Congregation of the Faith also says that by the express wish of the victim, who today is well past the age of majority, the details of the case have not been disclosed. The Congregation asks that the victim's wish to remain anonymous is respected.

As bishop Müller's successor I have not myself been involved in the proceedings, nor have I seen the documents in the case. In all cases regarding a bishop's violation of church or civil law, the Congregation of the Faith is the appropriate ecclesial instance.

Klosterneuburg, Austria, April 6, 2010

+ Bernt Eidsvig Can.Reg.

Apostolic Administrator of the prelature of Trondheim

KI - Katolsk Informasjonstjeneste (Oslo); (mt) (7. april 2010)

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