Biskop Belo: Timoreserne har rett til sin egen fremtid (engelsk)

`Jakarta did not respect the rights of the Timorese population. The right to determine their own destiny'. This was the statement mede yesterday evening by Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, Apostolic Administrator of Dili, during a Mass celebrated in Rome (Italy). All those present, predominantly Canosian Sisters, attentively participated the intervention of the Bishop, Nobel Peace Prize 1996. The liturgical recurrence of Our Lady of Sorrows, was celebrated in a very special way this year by the Institute. `First of all - emphasised the Bishop - we need to guarantee the people of East Timor the right to live. We must save them in consideration of the undeniable sufferance they are withstanding!' `Touching words' - commented Mother Ilva Fornaro, superior of the Canosian Sisters, present in the former Portuguese colony for over 120 years. Following the celebration Bishop Belo spoke to our MISNA agency about the Cross of Jesus, incarnated in the Timorese population. `Injustices have crucified the population. Just to think, for instance, how much money Indonesia spent to boycott East Timor's independence Referendum, organising the militias and buying votes'. Nevertheless, the Bishop explained the importance of looking towards the future with hope. In this context the missionaries have an extremely important role. `Their presence is indispensable in East Timor and our Church. As clearly revealed by the press in the last few days. I seriously hope they will be able to continue their pastoral work when the rebuilding begins'. (BO)

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