Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Notes on the Archeparchy of Baghdad and the Eparchy of Kamichlié - 1954

Among the Armenian Catholic jurisdictions in present-day Turkey which suffered during the Armenian "holocaust" around 1915, was the Archeparchy of Mardin, in the southeast. To the south of the city of Mardin, its territories extended into what is now Syria or Iraq.

Due to the persecutions, the see of Mardin was vacant until 29 June 1928. From 1929 through 1954, the Annuarios Pontificio state that the Archeparchs of Mardin were resident in Baghdad, i.e., resided within the territory of the Archeparchy, but in one of the parts of the territory outside Turkey.

On 29 June 1954, the Syrian and Iraqi territories of Mardin were detached, and the new Armenian Catholic jurisdictions of Kamichlié (Eparchy, in Syria) and Baghdad (Archeparchy, in Iraq) were established. The the Archbishop of Mardin was "transferred" to Baghdad.

-CT (based on information from Mr. James A. Derrick)
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